FILM FESTIVAL – The Wider Sun – WORKSHOP (Con Club)

Year: 2018

Origin: GB
Director: Sophia Carr-Gomm

Duration: 60 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes %:

Starring: Maia Luz, Gregor Selkirk, Maggie Bain, Anne Kidd & Grace Chilton

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Everything changes for little Ru when her mother whisks her away to stay with her grandmother on the remote Isle of Skye, Scotland. Growing up she always heard tales of Selkies, the mythical creatures that resemble a seal in the water but assume human form on land. Little does she know, she’s about to meet one.

Short film, followed by a Q&A on the making of the film, with the Director – Sophia Carr-Gomm and Producer – Erin Ross.

This event will be held at the Constitutional Club, Crouch Lane, Seaford BN25 1PU




Advance tickets will be available at the Tourist Information Office until close of business on Thursday 28th June, and online until 11.30pm Thursday 28th June.

Tickets will be available on the door, unless this event is sold out.