Year: 2014

Origin: US
Director: Christopher Nolan

Duration: 169mins
Certification: 12A

Awards: Oscar and BAFTA nominee 2015

Rotten Tomatoes %: 72

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway

Official Trailer


“The title of Christopher Nolan’s behemoth space epic says it all – a grandiloquent declaration of scale that smacks simultaneously of ambition and hubris – like Titanic, both the ship and the film. The good news is that this flawed but frequently awe-inspiring movie about wormholes and black holes does not implode into a dark star of disappointment; if it’s spectacle you want, then Interstellar delivers …”

Mark Kermode, Observer

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Earth can no longer sustain life so a new future for mankind must be found in the stars. Staggeringly awesome imagery ensues as space, the universe and everything is envisaged by Hollywood.