Year: 2013

Origin: US
Director: Ron Howard

Duration: 123mins
Certification: 15

Awards: 2014 BAFTA Best Editing

Rotten Tomatoes %: 89

Starring: Daniel Bruhl, Chris Hemsworth

Official Trailer


“Hunt is played by the Australian star Chris Hemsworth, his shampooed mane swishing and shirt permanently open, enjoying the birds and the clubs – the Rod Stewart of the race world. He’s shown swigging champers and taking a cheeky puff of weed before climbing into the car, rather in the way athletes of an earlier era trained on fish and chips. Meanwhile, the scowling Lauda, rat-faced and jealous of Hunt’s joie de vivre, notes how the Brit might get sloppy, undisciplined – and beaten over the championship long haul. He is shrewdly and sympathetically played by Daniel Brühl.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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Drenched in speed and machismo this is the story of racetrack rivalry. Nicki Lauder glowers marvellously while James Hunt creates a legend. But who is the hero?