FILM FESTIVAL – Fighting with My Family

Year: 2019

Origin: GB
Director: Stephen Merchant

Duration: 108 minutes
Certification: 12A

Rotten Tomatoes %: 84

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Florence Pugh

Official Trailer


Breakfast Special

A young woman follows her dream of becoming a professional wrestler …

There’ll be a croissant and coffee on the house to buoy you up for a little strong language in this biographical sports comedy drama. Based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, by director Max Fisher, depicting the WWE career of professional wrestler Paige, it stars Florence (Lady Macbeth) Pugh as the wrestler. It was produced by wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who also appears in the film.

The story starts in 2002 when 10-year-old Zak Bevis is engrossed by a WWF (now WWE) King of the Ring pay-per-view event until his younger sister Saraya changes channel whereupon the siblings wrestle, urged on by their parents Rick and Julia. Rick books the children for their first wrestling match where Saraya, initially reluctant to wrestle a boy, goes on to win as planned. At 18 Saraya and Zak help their parents train prospective wrestlers while working toward their own promotion. The ring is set for an extraordinary story to be fought out.

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Sunday 22 September 2019


10:30 am


Seaford Cinema, SEAFORD

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